Our new greenhouses introduce and adopts international advanced technology, committed to energy saving, low consumption, and rapid housing instalation.


Based originally from Our study, on the components of the International Space Station. It has been developed and improved into a modular assembly structure. It is composed of modified graphene modules.

Advantages, multi-micro modular fast houses have been widely used in Asia, Europe and America.

Fully certified with an independent intellectual property registration.



Modified graphene EPS adopts modified graphene EPS as the main material.

Modified graphene EPS has the advantages of low thermal conductivity and high strength. Graphene is the nanomaterial with the highest hardness and the highest toughness found so far. Graphene is compounded with styrene (SM) after being modified by a special process, and added to EPS materials can increase various functions such as heat insulation, strength, flame retardancy and so on.


You can freely combine types on the same plane.

Single layer, duplex, various combinations can be customized - to your medical PROJECT

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