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Cannabis Portugal I

Questions to Consider Before Getting Started

Where should I open my cannabis business?

You will need to consider zoning, market regulations (qualifying conditions and legal product types), operation type, and municipality approvals to start. Determining the appropriate market and specific location for your cannabis business is paramount to your success.

Once you have identified your target market and jurisdiction and have scouted appropriate locations for your operation type, you will need to enter transparent leasing negotiations with your landlord and work with a legal team to sign a contract that will not hinder the productivity and profitability of your business.   

How much does starting a cannabis business cost?

The cost of starting a cannabis business varies considerably depending on the operation, location, and market, but in our experience, the overall cost from inception to actualization ranges between $500k and $25 Million. Preparing for the success of your cannabis business requires adequate capital from the start. For most operations, this means accurately projecting the burn-rate required to staff a business until it can generate positive cash flow. Working with established industry professionals to create comprehensive financial plans is, therefore, often essential for your business' success and could save you millions in the long-

What do I do after winning a cannabis business license?

If you have been awarded a license, then significant congratulations are in order! After winning a license, you will need to pay any applicable licensing fees in a timely fashion to ensure that you don’t lose your license to technicalities. With your license in hand, now the real work begins. The next steps will depend on what products and services your business provides and the status of your real estate. If you have secured a license and need guidance on how to proceed, we can quickly review your plans and help to get your business off the ground as soon as possible.    

Cannabis Portugal Services

What does Cannabis Portugal Consulting do?

We provide industry-leading strategic guidance to local, statewide, multi-state, and international cannabis businesses licensing including:  


  • Retail 

  • Cultivation 

  • Extraction 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Lab testing 

  • Hemp 

  • Ancillary products & services 

  • Delivery 

  • Distribution 

Cannabis Portugal helps businesses navigate the ever-changing regulations and laws that complicate business development and growth. We advise on and assist with:


  • Business plans

  • Financial models 

  • Investments

  • Securing compliant real estate

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in adherence to national and international standards 

  • Facilities design 

  • Operational support

  • Global partnerships 

  • International cannabis import/exports and compliance

  • Cannabis business license applications


Cannabis Portugal, also acts as an advisory group to Multiverse Capital™, a venture firm specializing in cannabis investment. 

Does Cannabis Portugal create business plans?

Yes. Cannabis Portugal works with your management team to draft cannabis business plans that are compliant with all applicable regulations. We can create articulation documents including an executive summary, pitch deck, and financial models. Cannabis Portugalwill ensure that your management team is fully aware of the content and entire cannabis strategy to help your company be thoroughly prepared for the application and start-up processes.

Does Cannabis Portugal provide architectural plans?

Yes. Cannabis Portugal works with licensed architects on your behalf to provide plans for your facilities. Cannabis Portugal knows how critical operational efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance are for your business to succeed. We work closely with architects to ensure that best practices specific to the cannabis industry are incorporated in your plans and whenever possible, we encourage our clients to design facilities in adherence with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards to reduce operating costs, utilization of resources, and their environmental footprint.  

Cannabis Portugal I

How can Cannabis Portugal help with marketing and distribution of my product?

Cannabis Portugal can help finalize your marketing, branding, and consumer outreach plans so that they adhere to industry-specific best practices such as age limit restrictions and local market regulations. We additionally, Cannabis Portugawill also advise on how to navigate joint ventures and partnerships with future vendors and distributors to ensure that your business is primed for success. At Cannabis Portugal, we understand the value of building a strong brand and marketing your product effectively. We also recognize that cannabis regulations and age limit restrictions can make marketing your product difficult.  

Can Cannabis Portugal write the standard operating procedures (SOPs) needed for my business?

Yes, Cannabis Portugal has created numerous SOPs for cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, testing, retail, and delivery businesses. We can help you develop and maintain strong SOPs to remain compliant and ensure efficient and effective operations. In the face of numerous compliance liabilities, hands-on businesses rely on clear and in-depth SOPs to operate compliantly and train new staff as they scale. 

Does Cannabis Portugal provide operational management?

Yes, Cannabis Portugal provides temporary or ongoing operational management services to cannabis businesses. We provide these services as a third-party contractor. All management services are tailored specifically to the needs of the business.  

Does Cannabis Portugal guarantee I’ll win a license?

No. Cannabis Portugal cannot guarantee that you will be awarded a license as there are many factors beyond our control. We are confident, however, that we offer the industry’s most comprehensive guidance and consulting services for the license application process. While our belief is that it is unethical for any group or individual to guarantee a cannabis business license, we still top the charts for many of our clients. 

Can Cannabis Portugal help me structure my operational and management companies?

Yes, we can! For context, if you are unfamiliar with legislation in Portugal, please read more before proceeding. This tax code restricts plant-touching cannabis businesses from claiming certain deductions on federal tax filings and can considerably increase a business’s tax burden. Cannabis Portugal has structured hundreds of cannabis businesses and management companies, so we are amply prepared to help your team understand your options and determine the proper structure for your business.  

What operational support services does Cannabis Portugal offer?

Cannabis Portugal provides operational support through strategic guidance on key business decisions and issue resolution. We can help your business work through inefficiencies, update SOPs, staffing your operations, and more. Our services can be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent, depending upon your needs. Cannabis Portugal provides these operational support services as a third-party contractor. Our staff may be deployed to work on-site or remotely as needed. If you need any form of operational support, do not hesitate to reach out. If for any reason we cannot assist you with operational support, we will point you in the right direction to ensure your needs are met.  

How much do Cannabis Portugal’s consulting packages cost?

Each package is dependent on location, type of project, length of the project, time for completion, team experience, and many other factors. We have various levels and phases of engagement for strategic guidance, application submittal, and operational support. Each engagement phase is priced accordingly. If you are ready to seek the help of a consultant, get in touch with our team for a free exploratory consultation. 


Cannabis Portugal Support

Cannabis medicinal Portugal I CANABIS PORTUGAL

Can Cannabis Portugal help find cannabis-friendly banking solutions?

Yes. Cannabis Portugal can help determine a solution for your business' specific needs with the current legal limitations on banking services in mind after pre license approval.

Can Cannabis Portugal help fund my project?

No; however, while Cannabis Portugal does not actively fund cannabis businesses, our partner's sfirms, manages a series of venture funds which invest in cannabis businesses. With our guidance and support, it is possible to secure funding for projects which have been properly vetted and approved. Cannabis Portugal also works with your management team to create your business' pitch deck, helping you to effectively pitch your project to investors.  

Does Cannabis Portugal provide referrals for potential partners, vendors, suppliers, and professional service provides?

Yes. Cannabis Portugal helps your business find and establish beneficial partnerships specific to your needs including vendors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors. The Cannabis Portugal network of partners has been built over 10 years and includes thousands of specialized experts and successful partners who can bolster both your application and your business.  

Does Cannabis Portugal provide legal advice?

No. Cannabis Portugal does not provide legal advice to our clients, and our advice does not serve as a substitute for legal counsel. However, if you need assistance with finding qualified and experienced cannabis industry legal services, we can provide recommendations. We also offer best practice guidance based on our experience working with hundreds of cannabis clients across the globe.  

Does Cannabis Portyugal offer seed-to-sale tracking systems?

No. Cannabis Portugal does not directly offer seed-to-sale tracking systems. We have worked with a number of system providers and can make recommendations based on our and our clients’ experience. We have assisted our clients in implementing seed-to-sale tracking in markets across the industry and have a solid grasp on the pros and cons of the systems on the market. Cannabis Portugal is versed in the process and protocols necessary for compliant seed-to-sale tracking and can draft SOPs specifically for your business and market.  

Cannabis medicinal Portugal I CANABIS PORTUGAL

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Projetos, Consultadoria, Gestao e investimentos em projetos de Cannabis Medicinal em Portugal I Cannabis medicinal Portugal , CANABIS PORTUGAL, licenciamento canabis portugal, projetos canabis medicinal portugal,