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C.P. Acts as the Advisor to the Leading Provider of Wholesale Price Data in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Portugal was asked to be the principal advisor to the leading provider of financial, business, and industry data for the North American cannabis markets. Our work included developing comprehensive and unique benchmark services for public and private organizations and financial institutions. We developed content for the world’s first cannabis spot & forward benchmark price assessments to help them become the trusted source for delivering cannabis industry data that allows market participants to make informed business decisions. We created price transparency of a validated benchmark to help price transactions in each market. We created a report that was due every Friday, which included:

  • 17 state-markets plus the U.S. Spot Index

  • Week-on-Week spot indices and % change

  • Month-on-Month spot indices and % change

  • Wholesale Price by Grow Type

We also helped them create a premium report that is the cannabis industry’s only information source for detailed wholesale pricing data, analysis, and commentary. It is published every Friday, and the 30+ page report details national and state-level pricing by grow type, accompanied by expert editorial commentary, analysis, data tables, and charts. The report includes:

  • Critical Wholesale Price Data

  • Detailed National & State Pricing

  • National & State Data Tables and Charts

  • Expert Editorial Analysis & Commentary

  • Online viewing & downloadable PDF report


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