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How a Cannabis Business Consultant Can Help Grow Your Business

Business consultants have been business owners' best friends for hundreds of years, from helping you craft effective business plans to navigating complicated legal jargon.

In fact, since the late 1800s, specialized business consulting firms have popped up worldwide to help industries accelerate their growth and maximize profits – and the cannabis industry is no different.

Our experts at 3C Consulting, LLC (3C) provide valuable insights and strategies to help your cannabis business grow quickly and efficiently. Our highly specialized consultants offer extensive knowledge specific to the industry and can pinpoint the exact action items that will help you move the needle in your business.

Let's dive into how a cannabis business consultant can help you grow your business.

What is a cannabis business consultant?

Like other business consultants, a cannabis business consultant helps a business implement practices so its business can operate with the highest efficiency over various functional areas. These individuals have experience in the industry and are trained to optimize cannabis businesses to thrive in any number of areas.

For instance, 3C consultants can advise on the following:

  • Strategic Guidance

  • Business Planning

  • License Application

  • Real Estate

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • International Good Practice Compliance

  • Operational Support

  • Investment Due Diligence

  • And More!

In each of these areas, a cannabis business consultant will gather research, gain an understanding of your business, and then propose a way forward to help your business grow. This could mean reviewing your internal company culture or operating practices. Still, it could also mean evaluating your strategic partnerships, marketing plans, finances, real estate options, staffing plans, etc.

Since the cannabis industry continues to become more saturated, especially in well-established legal states, cannabis business consultants are critical to helping ensure new businesses set up their operations correctly and help established companies maintain their competitive edge.

Moreover, as professional advisors, consultants assess the situation at hand. In other words, you never give up control of your operations. Instead, you get a complete picture of your current business and the best recommendations from an experienced third party based on your business's stage.

How can a cannabis business consultant help grow your cannabis business?

There are many ways consultants can help you grow your business. Most importantly, they can gather a third-party, big-picture perspective of where your business stands in relation to your goals.

Sometimes, you'll only need minor tweaks; in others, you may require significant changes. Regardless, a consultant can give you the most timely, cost-effective way forward.

Another valuable way consultants can help you grow your cannabis business is with their network and specialized expertise. Whether you're looking for someone with experience in growing and cultivating, manufacturing products, or even selling ancillary services, a consultant can help. By being immersed in the technical components of the industry daily, cannabis business consultants have more connections and knowledge of each sector of the industry.

After all, every business has operations that can be improved. A cannabis consultant can support those areas in the short and long term. For instance, you can use our 3C experts for small internal reviews to fill in gaps. You could also contract us for complete, turn-key services to get support across the board.

Cannabis Portugal I

When should you hire a cannabis business consultant?

Because business consultants can help at any stage of the process, there is no right or wrong time to hire one. Particularly if you have your eyes on a full-service cannabis consultancy firm, you can get support from start to finish!

However, cannabis business consultants can provide the most value when you are in a transitory phase. For instance, when you feel you lack in-house expertise to take the next step, need a second opinion about your business operations, or want to take your business to the next level, a consultant can best help you.

From the license and application phase to finding real estate to expanding your business to become multi-state, a cannabis business consultant is an excellent catalyst for change.

If you need more outside support, a consultant can help with that too! A good cannabis business consultant will be honest and transparent about where they can provide the most transformation for your business.

So, when in doubt,book an exploratory call with a Cannabis Portugal consulting partner.

How to pick the best cannabis consulting partner for your business

Finding the right cannabis consultant for you is essential to grow your business. While there are great options out there, finding a consulting partner that aligns with your values both in the company and outside it is essential.

At Cannabis Portugal , our philosophy is to provide tailored services that meet your goals while prioritizing profitability, social equity, and environmental sustainability. This means our consultants are not only going to help you thrive from a business perspective but also from a larger, more humanized brand perspective.

Social equity and sustainability are essential topics in the cannabis industry. Not only would it be remiss for a business to ignore it, but it is good for the world and the culture around us to emphasize these areas.

You'll also want to find a cannabis consulting firm with a good track record. At Cannabis Portugal , we have an impressive rate of license wins in emerging markets. Given that this is something that many cannabis businesses struggle with, it's vital to pick a partner that has strengths where you have weaknesses.


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