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Investors Secure a More Reasonable Valuation with the Help of Cannabis PT’s Due Diligence Services

Cannabis Portugal I

In 2019, Cannabis portugal conducted on-site due diligence at a cultivation/extraction facility in South Africa. The investors wanted to know if the valuation of the operation was reasonable before they invested. This group of investors, like many, did not have the deep vocational skills to assess the operation's value accurately. They asked CPto travel to the site, meet with the current operational team, and provide an assessment of the existing operation as well as its future potential. Over a one-week on-site assessment period, 3C determined that the company was worth approximately 20% of the valuation that the current operators were presenting. With this information, investors we're able to negotiate a more reasonable deal. We used a variety of methods, including evaluating the team, the current market, the status of the operation, the asset base, as well as the potential for exclusive distribution in South Africa. We also evaluated the company's capability to export to other countries. Our final report also provided strong recommendations on how to meet international compliance standards to enable the export of cannabis raw plant material (RPM), flower, and extracts.


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