What do you know about investing in the cannabis industry?

There is a growing number of cannabis companies announcing entry into national & international stock exchanges – here we explore investing in the cannabis industry.

As increasing numbers of countries and states move to legalise and regulate the purchase, production and cultivation of cannabis, the market is responding accordingly. The legally sanctioned cultivation and consumption of cannabis for adult use and medicinal purposes is becoming increasingly prevalent; and products containing cannabis and its derivatives are enjoying a market surge. But what do people need to know about when it comes to investing in the cannabis industry?

In 2018, the global medical cannabis market was worth $13.4bn, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 26.4%; meaning its value could increase to $148bn by 2026. Sales of products containing CBD reached $1.9bn (€1.71bn) in 2018; and are expected to rise to $20bn (€17.98bn) by 2024. With a growing number of