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Quantung Portugal
Medical Export Company

Quantung Portugal is focused on the smart-sourcing of the raw materials, exportation, advanced extraction, distribution World wide of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid products.

With a vision to build Portugal’s leading CBD Wellness Export source to help develop innovative medicinal and veterinary cannabis products to answer the unmet needs of consumers and patients.

Our Vision

Quantung Portugal, strives to deliver each project full medical potential of the cannabis plant produced to those in need worldwide.

​We strongly believe herbal cannabis can, and should, meet all of the existing regulations for medicines. At Quantung we strive to achieve the registration of herbal cannabis as an official medicine through a regulatory process that is acceptable to patients, regulators, and healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

Quantung Portugal aims to bridge the gap between patients’ needs and the regulatory demands of modern medicine by exporting excellent medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid products World wide legally using rigorous methods to achieve safety and efficacy.


Exportacao Cannabis Medicinal I Quantung Portugal

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