Global cannabis testing market to grow 13.4% through 2025

Increasing demand for safety and high-quality medical products has added impetus to cannabis testing services and will contribute to the growth of the global cannabis testing market, which is set to grow by 13.4% by 2025.

According to a Global Market Insights, Inc., report, the growing prevalence for these tests by cultivators and manufacturers will bolster the industry trends. The Bureau of Cannabis Control, as of March 2018, had issued about 26 temporary licenses to testing laboratories in California.

Additionally, rising investments and legalisation of cannabis in many countries, along with soaring recognition for R&D in exploring the medical benefits concerning cannabis will significantly contribute to the market revenues in the next few years. For example, UJI Capital, an equity firm, donated around USD $9m (€7.54m) to Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for research on cannabinoids.

It has been estimated that the global cannabis testing market size is likely to surpass $2bn by 2025. Higher costs of testing equipment, absence of uniform testing standards, and complications associated with regulatory norms are some of the characteristics hindering the market forecast slightly.

Deployment of chromatography technology

In 2018, chromatography powered cannabis testing industry registered close to 62.4% share of the total annual revenues. This can be attributed to high sensitivity and ease of separation, among various other advantages. Also, the adoption of technologically advanced equipment for carrying out several analytical and quality tests of cannabis will witness a surge.

Government-backed initiatives to ensure safety

Potency testing market for cannabis is estimated to grow at more than 13.9% CAGR by 2025. A hike in hemp and cannabis cultivators coupled with